Thursday, April 26, 2018

Climate Change is Real, but not in our Reality Show Presidency.

There are two approaches to climate change; both emulate the ostrich in many ways. The first approach looks at the problem and attempts to mitigate our self inflicted climate wounds by placing Band-Aids over the bloodier parts and hoping the earth does not bleed out before we either die of natural causes, or we can garner equal amounts of income from the problem and our solutions. The second approach is more radical and requires some sacrifices, this is the “get rid of it” approach where a clear and present danger has already shown us how violent the game has become. Violent storms randomly strewn across all continents, air so poisoned we cannot breathe it without masks are not symptoms you can ignore.

The little that gets done in the face of an almost overwhelming wall of money is quite heroic. But they are band aids on a hemorrhage and should be seen as just enough to salve our consciences, not effective solutions. I hear of electric cars with rechargeable batteries that are fed off the grid, a grid that is still the last bastion of coal which is still one of the clearest culprits in climate change. Hybrids proliferate, and that is a good thing because the Prius effect allows us to think that we are striking a mighty blow for clean air and dying polar bears, with a fly swatter.

I hate to point a finger, but I am pointing at other parts of the world, Europe, which spearheaded the Kyoto agreement and the Paris accords, has long been behind a systematic and incremental movement to reduce the carbon load on our planet, and yet? They themselves are the first to admit “too little and maybe too late”. The position in Brussels is simple; every gallon of gas, every drop of diesel, every toxic chemical must be scrutinized and questioned. Every calorie, every lumen, every smokestack must be explained and asked to do more with less. China is getting on that bandwagon as we speak, and a good thing too because they are still the world leader in coal consumption. Other countries are not as committed, yet!!

The solution is not drastic change but the slow replacement of existing sources by renewable energy sources, gas and diesel have perfectly adequate less polluting options and more come on line every day fueled by the allure of big bucks already contaminated by oil, coal and nuclear power.

Saturday, February 17, 2018


In the wake of the last few month's repeated killings in schools around the nation. As a result of the complete indifference of federal and state authorities to wards legitimate concern about the gun related deaths of our children in the clear and abject purchase by organizations such as the NRA and other crypto terrorist groups in the United States.

I am urging any and all citizens who may be concerned about guns in their neighborhoods, who are aware that such weapons are in their neighborhoods and in their neighbor's homes, to fill in the form below and send it, or drop it off at your nearest police station.

Do it anonymously if you must, or discuss it with your neighbor. But please, get that gun out in the open and perform what can only be called a Citizen's Gun Registration act. If nothing else, it will give first responders to the next outrage in one of our schools advanced warning about potentially violent situations.

It is your right and your duty to make sure that the latent blackmail gun owners exert over us be made public when the need arises.

Citizen’s Report of a Lethal Weapon in Public

This form is anonymous by intent and for cause. If you wish to provide your name and address, please feel free, there should be no repercussions on you or your family.

Your Name:        (leave blank if you wish)
I am reporting the presence of a () Handgun       () Rifle                   () Shotgun           () Other Firearm

I believe it to be: () Single shot   () Semi Automatic            () Automatic                       () Unknown

I have seen ammunition for the device:                () Yes     () No.

It is located at:   Address:

                                Name of Owner:
                                Others in home:
                                Number of People in home:       Children: (   )      Adults: (   )

The device is in a closet, under lock and key:       () Yes                     () No
The device is available to all:                                       () Yes                     () No


Reason for reporting:     The owner makes me nervous                                 () Yes     () No
                                                Another person living there makes me nervous: () Yes   () No
                                                I Have no reason for being nervous:                        () Yes     () No.
                                                Someone in my home is nervous:                            () Yes     () No

You may contact me by phone at: (   )
                                                Email at:
Come to my home please:

Thank your getting in touch with your local police, send this by mail to:  


Saturday, February 03, 2018

There is no difference between a US Marine and an ISIS Fighter.

From the big picture point of view, the overall cause and effect there is no difference between the young soldier humping an AK-47 and the same young man with the M-16 in his hands. There is very little difference between the Irish terrorist and the Ugandan freedom fighter except the reason he is there, the uniform he is wearing and the opponents they face.

There are millions of "soldiers" walking millions of miles and doing exactly the same things to millions of opponents. Some are sharply defined, the heroes of their nations, the adulated golden youth we saw in Treblinka, Jerusalem, the World Trade Center towers, killers in Paris, Brussels, Charlotte, Aleppo or Moscow. These "soldiers" have several things in common, the murderous fury they display when keyed by the right rhetoric, the pride in their dying for the right rhetoric, the thin veneer o cant over usually very simplistic, almost childish world view due to a restricted education based on command response training. Is there any difference between the marine-child in Paris Island and the apprentice martyr in the Pakistani Madrassah. Both are ingested with vast amounts of hatred for unseen enemies, training to destroy and physical conditioning  to support that effort. It is a horrendous diet to force into ignorant young people who have been consciously shielded from the more pleasant realities of life.

So now we have the "terrorist" and his counterpart, the "soldier", neither of which knows that all he needs are "normal" surroundings where he can use his skills and knowledge to do good. That concept of good having been erverted in the us versus them environment of the primitive warrior code.they now live by. It is easier to fie3ld strip a gun than to puzzle the intricacies of a computer code, and the function is maore basic kill or be killed. The code admits and or nor, rather than the binary option tey embraced of + or -.

Life as we live it has evolved from the binary to triple machine language. But our modern society has not recognized that simple fact, and so we suffer the consequences of trying to mitigate the damage with high sounding ideals that the soldier cannot embrace or even defend. His training, whether waiting for the second Caliphate, the return of a savior or the simple joy of gaining more money at the expense of humanity, his training is binary and the result is either live or die.

Philosophy expressed in its simpest, a binary response to an analog situation in constant flux, developing over time, space and encompassing questions of the future, the complexities of the human mind in a dichotomous world. And so we fail, and the child is incinerated, and the child in all of us dies at the same rime.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Return to Muslandia

It is hard to understand how any sane person can follow an ideology that supports the death of others. If there are deadly penalties in your holy books, you have a moral, ethical and human obligation to not only walk away from it, but to denounce it at the highest mountain tops. I would go even further, if your ideology has EVER condoned the use of deadly force, you need to walk away.

We are none of us saints, probably because the whole idea of saints is a man made myth to an ideal that is unattainable,but we do have aspirations towards basic decency that all religions and the gods that were created around them want to deny us. There is nothing noble in presenting the other cheek, just abasement and humility. There is no virtue in telling half the world that they are second class and beneath interest or contempt, is there any justice in an eye for an eye?

The true study of the holy books written by unholy men should be counting the number of ways we are urged to murder. If genocide is acceptable today it's only because prophet after prophet, holy man afetr holy man and fanatic after fanatic has made it not only acceptable but also compulsory. If beating up the weak and the poor is the norm it's only because there is biblical, koranic and other precenednt. It is clear that the moment mankind introduces a god then it creates murder as an option.

Could this be the necessary and sufficient condition for the proof of the existence of god, the approval and the urge to kill your fellow man? You could even argue that demeaning women is another proof of god since all religions at one time oppressed the weaker sex by divine intervention and permission. But to that consider other ways religion is inhuman. They all denied obvious science and refused to accept the evidence of science, glorying in the beautiful events their books describe. They walk away from medical advances and propagate old medical practices, often as a threat to their own survival.

Muslandia is no better, but it could be when they actually purge the teachings of their mouthpiece with the emetic power of common sense and hope. And yet they resist because to admit a crack in the wall destroyss all they have lived, killed and died for over the centuries.

The day tat Muslandia allows women a say in their teachings and the power to change those teaching, will probably be the day they start joining humanity and become truly mythless.

The Bernie Phenomena

The 2016 election has been highly entertaining so far. Less for the ideas expressed and the advances provided to humanity of how we, as a species, a nation or a group can better ourselves than for just a Kardashian exuberance for the cult of the almighty ME.
A very long time ago when I was in high school, one of my teachers asked us to write down and sign the following: "I, Peter Brown, am the least interesting person in the world." His point was manifold, but in effect he was telling us that in the great unveiling of the Universe our fifteen year old opinions and thoughts mattered little. He was right, of course, and in many ways he still is and most specifically when I overhear discussions punctuated by the immortal I and ME.
This election cycle has brought the ME syndrome to the forefront of the selection dance. The obvious champion of the genre is the immortal Trump. But he is in no way alone at the top. On the Democratic side we have the resurrected Bernie, or more specifically the Bernie followers. Who, because for the first time in their lives, actually got involved in a large political movement, still firmly believe that they are entitled to the nomination. In spite of overwhelming evidence that hey never had the votes or even the support of the country, they still demand justice and the nomination.
It came as no surprise that the two noisiest factions were the losers and the soon to be loser because only in religion does the ego of the one sway nations. To do that all the great messiahs have enlisted hypothetical support from a great unnamed source.
We are not there yet, but the race is in its early days  and who knows what will happen in the days ahead.

Monday, July 18, 2016

The Rules of War

What we are seeing is not war. What we are seeing are random acts of violence that have no relation to the age old concept of war. There are specific rules to war, rules that stipulate what aggression and organized murder has to take in order to be called a war.

Wars must be fought between armies, not small children watching fireworks. The combat unit is called a soldier. He is a trained operator working for pay and prestige engaged in working against similar units on the other side. The war itself must be declared between nations who sponsor their units. If you are not a recognized unit, you cannot participate. The price for a civilian to jump into a war is very high and can lead to the execution of hostages from the civilian's immediate surroundings.

Realistically what we are seeing are just a series of murders that the public, which should not be involved, has, in its ignorance, called wars. In effect all the "terror attacks" should be treated strictly as random murders and investigates and solved by the police forces of the country where they occurred. By elevating mass murder to a war level serves only to glorify the sociopathic tendencies of the murderers. This is proven by the fact that these sociopaths compares themselves to the highest authorities in the land by claiming that God alone makes their acts justified.

God does not exist anywhere in the panoply of war and has no standing in the laws that govern these contests. The invocation of arcane items in mythical texts is a clear indication that the murders are not acts of war but delusions of sick minds, hence the narcissistic sociopath's position as the central figure in the event comparing himself to a mythological figure of great power.

Maybe, if we lower the rhetoric to the level of simple acts of murder by sick people we would see a diminution of these events based on an increase of education for those afflicted by the delusions.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

The hidden agenda of BREXIT

1932 all over again, different players, same old shit. With Russia starting its gnawing away at its neighbors in order to get more territory, the UK is groping its way towards the US. Military and religious unrest in the middle east taking petro power away from the civilized world, all we need is for one of several small conflicts to give one or more tin pot dictator to become offended and start something.

Do you think that Donald has the brains of a Hitler? Does Hollande look like a Petain? Is there a country on the planet with an incredible arsenal and has it been training their troops with mini-wars for a while?

Are parts of the world loaded with ultra rich, ultra educated young people fanatically following some sort of leader we know little about? Is the Koran the new Mein Kampf? Why is all wealth accumulated in a small enclave of the disgustingly rich and taxes abrogated for them? Those tax dollars, Euros, Riyals and Rubles that should be staving off the forces of evil are, in fact, stoking the wars.

Am I getting nervous? You bet, Brexit is a symptom and it will disenfranchise our allies.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sex and God the two sides of the same coin?

Sex and God.
It occurs to me, a well meaning atheist, that there is little difference between how individuals treat their sex life and their religious affiliations. For the most part they are handled the same way, a sort of benign and almost embarrassed afterthought that is really nobody else’s concern. It is not, in general, discussed unless you are in a sort of frat party situation where great exaggeration are the norm, seriously.

Think about that kegger moment when you and your co-believers got tanked and started making those absurd claims of my dick is bigger than your dick! Or at the local mosque, temple or church when the minister full of himself and the Holy Spirit declares that his god is bigger, nastier or flat out better than all other gods. As the tempo escalates you can bring in “proof” of the most absurd kind and very often those discussions degenerate into physical violence.

We all know, especially the women, that the differences are very small, that they mean nothing in the outcome and that both really do not bring anything new to the table, as it were. But nevertheless there it is, now deal with it!

The best way to deal with it is to treat both in the same way, what you do in your sex life should be very, very private unless you happen to be a member of the GOP, then it appears to be fair game for all and sundry. Religion is the same, really and absolutely the same. If you are gay or straight, transgender or a pedophile, that is on you and you alone and if you need to impose your thoughts on others, others have the right to defend themselves. If you are Christian, Muslim, Mormon or Pastafarian, that is on you and you alone and a handful of like minded believers. Pushing the metaphor a little here, I have never gone to my front door and been asked by a well meaning deviant if I had ever heard the good news about fellatio or gay sex. I have never heard of fisting experts declaiming every Sunday about the uplifting reasons to pursue that peculiar rite.

So be it for religion. I admit that some well intentioned fanatics want to make it their business what you do in the bedroom, but they feel no compunction about proselytizing about their peculiar religious aberrations. On the contrary, we have gotten to the point now where a religion has absolutely no qualms about proclaiming that not only is their long dead head honcho the bomb, but that he wants all of us to either swallow the bomb or make them. Imagine if you will a conspiracy of righteous rightists telling the world that if you ascribe to certain bodily activities, they have a divinely ordained duty to kill you. The closest I would come to that (pun) is strangulation sex, and that may be whole new religion.

My advice is to treat God and sex in the same manner, keep it personal, off the streets and if it works for you fine, just remember that what pulls your chain or saves your soul is your problem, not to be shared. Both will do for you whatever you want it to do, just keep the noise down, close the windows and curtains and be slightly ashamed at your position and the weird noises you have to make getting where you need to be.

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