Thursday, March 24, 2016

Horst Wessel and John Birch

Who will be next dead Horst Wessel or John Birch hero of intransigence? I ask because there are already a number of volunteers on the ISIS side who have postulated for the honor. Many have applied and the closest we have come is Jihadi John, the British, now hamburger meat, who took great satisfaction in beheading people.

Oh, sorry, I forgot to explain. As you know Horst and John were the poster children of extremist movements who achieved such high honor by conveniently dying. Horst on the Nazi side and John on the GOP side. They were both firm supporters of a certain ideology and it seems that extremist groups really need this type of figurehead, so when Mein Trumpf decided to embrace right wing thuggery the search was on for a suitable candidate. The main drawback is that no one has died yet in the service of Mein Trumpf. There has been a lot of Sturm und Drang, incoherent rants and raves, a smidgen of violence encouraged and embraced by the Yam, but no real substance.

But hair Trump is nothing if not ingenious and his adoption of the Hitler salute was sheer genius. Quite a few people do not have fond memories of Uncle Adolph's ability to generate dead people. So the Donald must be counting on someone in one those rallies to get out of hand and either get whacked or whack someone in order to create his poster child. We can only hope that the candidate is an acceptable victim. The Trumpinator does have his standards you know, no Muslims, no Immigrants, damn few Democrats, probably have to be white and Christian, and no, not even in the running, a woman. He could put an ad in the KKK newsletter and would easily score any number of decent, law abiding bigots.

Either way, the originals should not be too difficult to emulate, Horst was a pimp who wrote popular marching songs and John was a missionary in China. so the bar is low. About as low as Mein Trumpf's IQ.