Monday, June 04, 2007

Impeach, Hell no, Impale!

Has the time come to apply some hair of the dog to the dog? Seems to me that George W has redefined the way we handle tricky situations, dangerous people and legal niceties. Could we possibly use his rules in his sandbox?

Think about it, can we rendition George? Could we ship the bugger off to Syria and ask him, in a Syrian way, what really motivated his move into Iraq? Wouldn't you like to know how well he stands up under waterboarding, that wonderful non-torturing ride into near drowning? Is there any reason why we would have to tell Laura that her husband is lodged in a suite in Cuba? I'm sure that thousands of wives are wondering where their husbands have gone off to after a night out with the boys in the Northern Command.

Would Dickie bird be happy as a cave dweller in Kabul when the bombers come on by? He could see for himself how all the Halliburton dollars are doing such a good job of protecting the population of his conquered land. Maybe we could feed him his own slops, and check his blood pressure at the same time. Personally we should serve him up for target practice wearing one of the vests that are not available to our troops, after all, he is a crack shot at six feet.

If we can kill with impunity, should we put our own leaders at the head of the line? After all, an IED made with surplus explosives that we sent Saddam many years ago, appears to be a whole lot better at making a point than the millions spent on the Carlyle group. As a matter of fact, the wholesale killing that we implemented by our clear policy of invading without purpose should not be wasted on the Iraqi population, let's bring it to Washington. Let's shock and awe Congress and the Senate and see how well they appreciate our friendly invasion.

As a matter of policy, let's clean the Augean stables, what we don't capture, we kill.