Saturday, February 03, 2018

There is no difference between a US Marine and an ISIS Fighter.

From the big picture point of view, the overall cause and effect there is no difference between the young soldier humping an AK-47 and the same young man with the M-16 in his hands. There is very little difference between the Irish terrorist and the Ugandan freedom fighter except the reason he is there, the uniform he is wearing and the opponents they face.

There are millions of "soldiers" walking millions of miles and doing exactly the same things to millions of opponents. Some are sharply defined, the heroes of their nations, the adulated golden youth we saw in Treblinka, Jerusalem, the World Trade Center towers, killers in Paris, Brussels, Charlotte, Aleppo or Moscow. These "soldiers" have several things in common, the murderous fury they display when keyed by the right rhetoric, the pride in their dying for the right rhetoric, the thin veneer o cant over usually very simplistic, almost childish world view due to a restricted education based on command response training. Is there any difference between the marine-child in Paris Island and the apprentice martyr in the Pakistani Madrassah. Both are ingested with vast amounts of hatred for unseen enemies, training to destroy and physical conditioning  to support that effort. It is a horrendous diet to force into ignorant young people who have been consciously shielded from the more pleasant realities of life.

So now we have the "terrorist" and his counterpart, the "soldier", neither of which knows that all he needs are "normal" surroundings where he can use his skills and knowledge to do good. That concept of good having been erverted in the us versus them environment of the primitive warrior code.they now live by. It is easier to fie3ld strip a gun than to puzzle the intricacies of a computer code, and the function is maore basic kill or be killed. The code admits and or nor, rather than the binary option tey embraced of + or -.

Life as we live it has evolved from the binary to triple machine language. But our modern society has not recognized that simple fact, and so we suffer the consequences of trying to mitigate the damage with high sounding ideals that the soldier cannot embrace or even defend. His training, whether waiting for the second Caliphate, the return of a savior or the simple joy of gaining more money at the expense of humanity, his training is binary and the result is either live or die.

Philosophy expressed in its simpest, a binary response to an analog situation in constant flux, developing over time, space and encompassing questions of the future, the complexities of the human mind in a dichotomous world. And so we fail, and the child is incinerated, and the child in all of us dies at the same rime.


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