Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Gay Victim.

Welcome to a shadow world, a world where children walk in fear of their parents trying to confront questions to which they have no answers. A world that will ostracize them, bully them and eventually even kill them. They are trapped in the cruel reality that their bodies are not what everybody else's bodies are. They crave what others fear and loath.

Welcome to the world of gay America, a land that forces its citizens to perform incredible mental, psychological and physical gyrations just be allowed the right to exist. It is a world where they are advised to lie and dissemble, that in the pursuit of that most precious commodity, love, they sneak around in fear of their own feelings and lives.

These are normal people, they are your family, your friends and your business relations. They are the ones who cannot defend themselves because in many cases they are not comfortable with who they are or what they have been told they are. They do not live in a closet so they cannot come out of a closet. They are already out there but often wish they had a closet to hide in.

Most are grateful to live in more enlightened times and places, but vast parts of the world, most organized religions, political parties, the Boy Scouts of America, schools and countries ban them. No wonder, with so much unfounded hatred, very often they die not for what they do but for what they are.

Hitler routinely put them to death, so do Muslims, Ugandans, South Americans and other primitive cultures. In America we are more subtle, don't ask don't tell for the gay warrior who will put his life on the line for a country that in reality abhors him or her. In California, with Proposition 8 outlawing gay marriage, the least attractive aspect of our inhumanity was given the right to bray its ignorance. The proposition passed with a slim majority, funded by that Utah based organization that encourages well dressed men to travel together in suspicious community.

Again, there is no argument here just the usual hatred of those who are not like me and probably not like thee. In Germany jews, in America and around the world, gay people.

My advice, as usual when you are being singled out for attack, lay low, make noise and wait for enlightenment, take heart in the fact Zeus is gone, can Christ and Allah be far behind? With religion dying, your day will come.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Muslandia for Women

In the mythical land of Muslandia women hold an honorable place. They have come from further back than the men,faced greater adversity in fighting slavery and subjugation and recovered so much of the space taken over by their "betters"; males from all over the world.

They have also developed a fine sense of irony aver time, an irony that translates into keen insights on how Muslim women in the rest of the world see themselves. The simple wearing of the head scarf has, in and of itself, become a benchmark. In Muslandia you wear a headscarf because of the cold because they know that only the kept women of the dead prophet wore the scarves so as not to be bothered by the demands of the followers. Muslandian believers, and yes there are true believers in this make believe land, know that the wearing of the scarf is really a vast act of arrogance since the wearer truly believes that she is one of the dead prophets wives, concubines, mistresses or just plain whore.

In a way this is no different than those Christian ladies who wear a wedding ring because they are, in their minds and hearts, the brides of that other famous dead but undead prophet, Jesus Christ. Although Muslims as a rule have no problem with polygamy,as long as the male of the species is the bride collector, Christians as a rule tend to shy away from it. The brides of Christ appear to be quite comfortable with the idea of the unfaithfulness of their Lord.

In Muslandia, women are the equal of men in all ways. They have established that right through centuries of putting up with their oppressor to a point that even the oppressor had to admit that he was a dick. How many times have the actions of one side of society lead to the destruction of the innocent on the other side? How many times has it been obvious that there is always a better solution than bashing heads or planting bombs. As the Muslim world descended into the chaos of self immolation, it was the women, with their clear idea of how the world should be, who steered their sisters into Muslandia, and to their eternal credit left the doors open for the idiots to enter and learn and like.

But as we all know, Muslandia is a mythical land that exists only in the minds of of those who hope one day to transform their mythology itno the reality of the real world.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Welcome to Muslandia!

Muslandia is a mythical place, a place where Muslims can come and actually live as real human beings and not Prophet Surrogates or PS'. There are very few connections between Muslandia and the real Muslim world because the real Muslim world is not a happy place.

In Muslandia, for example, women are not required to cover themselves with bags over their heads, or tents around their bodies. On the contrary, women are treated as normal human beings with feelings, intelligence and respect. In Muslandia you will actually see Muslim women driving cars, treating sick people and talking to their male counterparts without shame. Muslandia is a dreamworld for Muslim women because it is so far from the reality of their existence that they dream of Muslandia every day.

In Muslandia no one feels the need to kill people in random acts of violence as dictated by the Prophet, and Prophet Surrogates do not take it upon themselves to tell others how to dress, what to read, what to believe and how often they have to bang their heads on the ground. Atheists are tolerated in Muslandia because we all have moments of clarity and doubt, and in Muslandia those moments are tolerated and even encouraged because humanity progresses on doubt, not certainty. The long list of people that Muslims have to detest and abhor is pretty much reduced to fairly normal groups such as assholes, dictators, over bearing preachers and anyone who invades your space. In Muslandia you are not allowed to kill these people, which is a big surprise.

In Muslandia education is an ongoing thing, new ideas are forever being brought forth, challenged and accepted or rejected. Really old books based on dictatorial dogma get changed, reviewed and adapted to Muslandia's time and not the other way around. Books are allowed to develop a life of their own and take on a life of their own. Small children read fairy tales and sorcery books and Muslandians approve and encourage reading.

In Muslandia, fairy tales like the Koran and the Bible are given as much credence as any other fairy tale because all words are born equal in Muslandia. How they string together in random thoughts is not a topic for debate or hate, just wonder. The paper they are printed on is the same paper used in Muslandia's famous toilets. And who is to say which usage is the most useful?

Yes Muslandia is a lovely place, it is a place so far from the reality of the real world that it has become almost the other Mecca, the Mecca we could all visit if the real Mecca was not such a closed shop.