Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Invasion and Occupation

There seems to be some confusion about the context of invasion, occupation and immigration. Let me explain because the terms may soon become interchangeable.

What we did to Iraq was an invasion, that is the correct term for coming into another country without any clear reasons and assuming complete control of that country's assets, population, natural resources and imposing your own rule of law. In he same vein, under the terms of invasion, the invader is allowed to impose, by force, his will on the weaker local population. Notable invasions are Hitler's unprovoked attack on Poland, the Soviet Union's clear grab for the Baltic states, Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait and the George Bush delusional attack on Iraq.

Needless to say George is in good company, along with Attila the Hun, Imperial Rome and the Israeli invasion of Palestine. Invasions are blatant land grabs by a stronger force without either reason or provocation, as I said.

There are more subtle invasions, such a the Israeli invasion of Palestine, these are based on slowly infiltrating the victim's country and one day rising up in an attack after carefully accumulating weapons and personnel. It is one of the reasons for the fall of Rome, the loss by the Native Americans of all their land and culture.

Another subtle invasion is now taking place in the US. When over 20 million hostile illegal immigrants start making noises that our land still belongs to them,and when these same people are already in place in every major city in the US, then you have an invasion. When a majority of them are not law abiding illegal immigrants most with only a grade school education, pumped up on daily doses of "reconquista" from the mother land, then you have the real potential for violence.

And the violence is mounting on a daily basis. A high percentage of our prisoners are here illegally, major crimes related to "Gang warfare" are on the rise in most US cities. Crimes of violence with weapons are also on the rise as these invaders arm themselves as well as they can with their limited budgets. One thing we are learning from Iraq is that it takes very little to stop the US military, a couple of tons of explosives become thousands of IEDs, rifles, pistols, machine guns and incendiary devices are cheap, murderously effective and available in any city in my country thanks to the NRA.

We even make it easy for the invaders to recoup and assemble in sanctuary cities like San Jose or Boston. Places where even the illegality of their presence is an asset ensuring them of aid and comfort as they pursue their attacks on our values and system.

What do you think that any other leader of any other country who was aware that an invading army was already camped inside his borders with a force estimated at 10% of his population, and the homeland politicians were already claiming supremacy over the invaded country, would do? I doubt that he would make every effort to open his borders even wider. I suggest that he might start evicting the invaders in large numbers just to protect his own people.

The more I learn about the illegal invasion of my country by Mexican nationals, the more confused I get. It is time to stop the invasion, repel the invading army and evict the troops already inside our borders.

It is time to do it now, 30 million foreign armed foot soldiers with an absentee general staff in Mexico and Washington should be enough to scare even George Bush and his supporters.

It sure is starting to scare me.