Friday, July 18, 2014

Israel, Palestine and Sharks and Jets

We are spending a lot of time agonizing about who is responsible fro the latest round of terror in that mythological land called Zion, Israel, Palestine, Promised, Milk and Honey et le reste. It really makes no difference at this point because the study of responsibility is a look at the past and in this case, for over 200 Arabs and two Israeli that is all they have.

The real question to who is responsible for the death of these people lies squarely on all those who could have stopped it and did not. That list is is also endless so walking down it is again a waste of time. There has been too much time spent on the clashing mythologies in that barren strip of land claimed by every major mythology known to  man.

Let's break it down to some basics, for the Jewish faith, the object from 1947 onward has been to smash and grab, hence the illegal settlements installed everywhere they were told by a gutless world not to infest. They went anyway, and in going tipped the balance of disgust of the original inhabitants into wanting retribution. The Muslim reaction has also been fascinating, they daily sacrifice the more innocent of their citizens to prove the point that they are the victims, which they may well be, but the victims of what and of whom. In the most recent round, clearly the Muslims are the victims of their own government, Hamas, who cynically continue to send rockets that have no effect except to exacerbate the situation at people who have no humanity or restraint either.

Surely after 65 years of occupation by the invaders, the people on both sides should have forged the ties that would allow any suicide bomber's handlers to be caught, a rocket owner to be stopped, an ethnic cleansing by the IDF to be prosecuted not by massive fire power a la Bush's shock and awe, but by simple, cooperative police work a la Interpol. Hell! Interpol is not needed here, what is really the issue is police work to handle urban gang members as they do in almost every major city in the US and Europe. Because clearly there is no ideology left after 65 years, there are only gang retaliations for perceived turf issues.

The solution would delight the NRA, instead or arming both sides with massive firepower, they should be given chains, shivs and midnight specials and told to settle it the same way the Jets and the Sharks settled their issues in the New York version of the West Bank story. Because, unless you discount the death of the innocents and the massive amount of damage being done to everybody, there is little difference between either side of this conflict.

I see Golda Meyer as Maria with all the charm of a rattlesnake and Tony as Hamas. Now there is an ugly thought, Golda singing I feel Pretty and Tony bleating out Golda.