Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Instead of God, What?

On the one hand denying up to the existence of a large mythological beast is one way to fight ignorance, but there has to be an answer to the desires of humanity for more to life than what we are. Actually, what endures in this land are hate and love. There are longstanding hatreds based in fear and ignorance that have poisoned our reasons for living and pushed adherents into the waiting arms of the true believers.

Think of the KKK, the Nazi Party, the Inquisition and the Jones Town masses who died and killed in an orgy of belief. Think of the legacy left behind that created an Israel, molded Africa and fulfilled our imperial aspirations in the Ghettos of America. Hatred of the Jew, the black man and the communist has destroyed more futures than the love of the sixties. But in lives saved, and salvation is all about not killing, it is the love that endures.

When we blindly follow our policy in Iraq, the opposing stream remembers other conflicts, like Vietnam, like Algeria and like the Slavic genocides that peaceful alternatives slowed and stopped. The price of love is high, much higher than the price of hate. It is slower to act but it endures longer. Solving conflicts with love, in the absence of faith is always the better solution.

WWII was a massive bloodletting, and the solution was forgiveness for three generations, and counting. The Marshall plan was not based on hate; it was based on the simple expedient that happy people, even in defeat, are loving people. These people are unlikely to greet you with the hollow end of a gun.

So let’s talk about the gun, the bomb, and the murder at night and the power to destroy those who stand for a better way. Let’s shine a light on the evil that the gun allows, on all the evil brought home in the brass jacket of a hollow point bullet. It is the evil of oppression, mitigated only by our ability to build better bullets. It is the evil of rape in Darfur, drugs in your home, murder in the jungles and cities. The gun is the apposite of the heart, there is no middle line to follow between these two symbols.

And we make choices; the choice is to follow the heart, and freedom, or the gun and slavery. The gun enslaves the user and liberates the victim because dead, there is no hold left. And yet, with faith, you can be pursued beyond death. At some point there must be peace, and that point lies either here and in loving communion with your friends and peers, or beyond the grave where all things come to a close.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Thank God for Evolution.
On reflection, evolution is alive and doing really well up in Heaven. In my last posting I postulated that God might have the physical shape of a monkey. This simple observation was based on His own words as they were transmitted to us through the Old Testament. He states that God made Adam in his own image, and at the time Adam, being a first generation Homo Erectus, could only be more apelike than George Bush.

But with evolution coming into play, we get a modern and improved model in the shape of His son, none other than Jesus Christ. This new and improved model roamed the earth some 2000 years ago spouting amazing platitudes and inanities. But I digress.

To remain focused only on the physical aspects of the new version, as depicted in any number of non-contemporary eyewitness accounts, we can say that JC was tall, bearded, amazingly thin and looked really good in his underwear hanging on a cross. He is also invariably white, and in his last sighting, scarred on wrists, feet and chest. He can also levitate, something he should have done to relieve the stress of just hanging there above the crowd.

As you can see, God 2.0 is a much more acceptable model. This may explain why he was so visible for the 38 years of His life. If you recall, personal appearances by God 1.0 were few and far between. Adam and Eve saw him, and after that His presence was relegated to the odd burning bush, shining lights and various angels bringing telegrams. My personal theory is that He was ashamed of his physical form, so He avoided actual sightings like the plague. I can just imagine the problems Moses would have had if he told his masses, already hell-bent on adoring a golden calf, that the Real Thing was a short, hairy and apelike critter. He would have been laughed off the Mount and his tablets tossed away like junk mail from heaven.

On the other hand, if that had come true, then we probably could have kissed this whole religion thing good bye right then and there! After all, no one wants to show up at the prom with a ten year old, dented and battered, family van, let alone worship an ugly Australopithecus.

Thank God for evolution, it has allowed us some really neat one on ones with the deity, suitably refurbished for public consumption. I can hardly wait for the Second Coming, when His presence will embody all the races of mankind. I can already see Him now, more than likely a whole lot browner, with Asian and Latin overtones and he may even be Gay, which would finally confirm His latent aversion to all things feminine as evidenced by all three major Biblical religions.