Thursday, December 21, 2006

Come and get it, shithead!!
It’s not the dead, it’s not the lies it’s not even the arrogance and the blind stupidity that gets you, it’s the fact that after all that has gone on, there has been no impression made. When you split skulls, destroy buildings or rape women, there is a long term attrition that affects both the victim and the killer, here nothing, no sense that an impression has been made, no sense that the dead count, the wounded still have feelings, that the gangrene from the presidential brain has infected the whole fabric of our society.

Where is the anger, the fury that stops tanks and armies in their tracks?

The blind and asinine parents proud of their sons and daughters as they wear the oppressing uniforms, the support the troops stickers, we can win this thing we can stay the course a few thousand more troopers, a few thousand more corpses whose blood runs black now because they have been there too long. Bloating in the sun, smelling to high heaven, mute and smelly testimonials to a failed policy, a stupid rush into oblivion.

You want your children back? Make your own coffins! The army provides neither armor nor boxes. You get a zipper bags for the child you nourished in your arms. A waterproof zippered poncho to keep the precious fluids your own milk gave him on his way to hell in Iraq! How proud the parents of the fallen marine, how proud the parents of the bloody bomber, how proud we are of our dead, sacrificed for whom, for what? For an arrogant idiot pointing to a vial of water in the UN, anthrax by any other name is still a lie! The only terror came from our planes, our missiles, our idiotic, moronic, arrogant techno killers.

Join the NAVY, cozy up to the coast, launch the Tomahawk, and watch the body parts waft into the air like meat in a market. Be all you can be, incinerate at arms length, rape the women, who cares they are but Muslims, kill the raghead, who cares they are infidels, they are heathens they are not you and they are not me.

Germans had no trouble with their Jews; we have no trouble with your Muslims. Those we do not kill, maim or destroy, we ship to places even less sensitive than we are and have them “Handled”.

Proud to be an American, my ass. Never has our country sunk as low as we are now. Our killers roam the four corners of the world; our pollution kills what our bombs leave behind. Internally we are under surveillance, we are incarcerated, we are tortured and our children are harassed, join my team today, be a hero and die tomorrow!!

Is this land worth dying for? Is our legacy worth the blood shed everywhere in its name? Is the only answer to the croaking sound of dying crows the deadly sounds of bombs and guns?

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Unrelated Christian Alternative Explanations

And what about Mary?
My personal theory of the virgin birth of Christ is based on some assumptions, deep understanding of the guy culture and the fact that life was pretty basic back then. If you recall, an angel came unto Mary and told her that she would give birth to a king. Angels are apparently pretty persuasive because she swallowed the whole story, hook line and sinker (A useful trait for someone who would mother a fisherman)

She not only accepted the story, but got her husband, Joe, to go along with it. Now Mary was apparently still a virgin at this time, so she was either not married and playing hard to get, or she was married and Joe needed a serious course of Viagra.

Either way, Hymen Intacta was the order of the day, and apparently the nights.

So off they go, JC is born in a barn and we all know the Christmas story.


What if there was another explanation? What if the whole cockamamie story was not true? What if Mary was far from being a virgin and had a bad rep from the get-go?

Mythless theory or the alternative explanation of Mary’s “Virgin Birth”
Mary was a prostitute. She was really good at her job and she had a great following up and down the Sea of Galilee where sailors and carpenters gathered, and talked. She had a pimp called Joe, and he took care of her.

She also had an amazing capacity to regenerate her hymen after each interlude. She was known for this and was referred to as that “Virgin Mary” in every bar, brothel and barn.

Imagine the consternation in those same venues when the word got out that the “Virgin” was pregnant! In a scandal that endures to this day in one of the major religions of our time, the concept of virgin birth is not only accepted, but taken over, touted and expounded as a virtue. Amazingly this is what appears to have happened and continues to happen, never more strongly than during the Christmas season.

Because the “Virgin Mary” may have been a virgin during conception, but ask any obstetrician worth his salt, she was certainly no virgin following the birth of JC. And yet, amazingly to the good folks of Christianity, she is still referred to as the Virgin. This is a tribute to the strength and holding power of her hymen, or just a restatement of her obvious ability to regrow it?

Something to ponder during midnight mass, I wot.