Sunday, August 17, 2008

Who really cares?

The two presidential candidates squared off in a church recently to discuss what their moral and religious beliefs really are. Who is the better person because he is best able to relate to god, amazing because,who the hell cares?

Our outgoing national disgrace claims to talk to his particular god, and see where those two idiots have led us? These mythological beliefs have taken on an enormous significance, and yet all around the world real thinking people are bailing on their godlets. In Europe the number of non-believers is mounting steadily, they are now a majority in several countries. This enlightened attitude is probably due to the rise of the more radical mythologists like Islam and Mormonism. If what allah allows is truly godlike, then allah is a monster and so are yahweh and all the other god critters.

If you think about it, religion is sustained less by faith than tradition. "My family has always believed in the lord." Of course some families have always had slaves, practiced incest, and molested their own children, sometimes even in the name of their peculiar lord.

So for two grown men, each aiming to becoming the most powerful person in the world, to abase themselves by the false humility of declaring their relationship to some strange fairy tale bodes ill for our country. And, guess what, our country needs clear eyed, straight thinking pragmatists to get it out of the hell hole that our last religious nutcase dropped it into.

As an atheist, I mistrust people who actually express the idea that they are not responsible for their actions. I cannot understand how shelving responsibility onto an imaginary friend is in any way laudable or even relevant. Sure,as my christian friends always tell me, you must believe in something.

And I do! I have an abiding faith in the extraordinary powers of snorgle bunnies. I believe that only the snorgle bunny can redeem humanity and that it is my duty to hunt them down and kill them to bring about that redemption!

Hey, you place your faith in allah, yawheh, god or zeus. Me, I'll take snorgle bunnies any day of the week.

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