Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Burning Bush Day!

On January 20, 2009, George Bush will finally be pried out of the White House. He will leave behind the legacy of what may be the worst president this country has ever known. His malice and greed went beyond stupidity; it encompassed evil at every level. There are over a million Iraqi dead who have been avenged by the throwing of a pair of shoes. But what of the foreclosures and ruin of small to large businesses, the 4,500 dead American soldiers, the 3000 WTC dead, the prisoners tortured and killed on our soil and in foreign lands in our name?

What of the unavenged, the restless victims of this administrations pervasive evil? What gesture will unite the citizens’ of America, and serve as reminders that never again will such crass mediocrity and evil come together to destroy our nation.

I propose that at the stroke of midnight on January 19 bonfires be lit across the land. I propose that the ceremonial Bush burning be spread from town to village to lonely farmhouse and from Times Square to the Hollywood hills.

I am asking America's citizens to save their Christmas trees, symbols of hope to Christians and non-believers, and to light them in harmony across our country in a gesture that will symbolically purge our hearts and souls of the evil we will finally be putting behind us.

By making this an annual event commemorating our renewed faith in our institutions, we remind ourselves, never again will we allow such degenerate evil to control our lives, our land and the world in general.

May President Elect Obama please light the first candle so that he starts his administration cleansed of the evil that came before him?