Friday, April 14, 2006

Ah India, the last best place to build a bomb.

Give me a break. We arbitrarily decide to support India’s nuclear program even though that country has never signed the non-proliferation treaty, has a very active military nuclear program and is both internally and externally unstable. At the same time we are preparing our own nuclear weapons to take out Iran, a country that has signed the treaty, does not have weapons or even a proven weapons program and is essentially trying to abide by the terms of the treaty.

There is an irony here; the country that has received the majority of our outsourced jobs is now probably going to have our weapons program outsourced. Could it be that Bush has discovered just one more way to be a complete idiot?

Probably not, as usual, follow the money. With India receiving massive industrial support for its nuclear programs, you can be sure that Halliburton will be either first or second in line for the dollars to develop. And, when the weapons that will naturally flow out of these agreements begin to flood the market, the Carlyle Group will have a cheap source for its Saudi weapons deals.

Is this a win/win or what?