Monday, October 19, 2009

Self Evidence
Last night it all sort of came together.
There is an inevitability in the cosmos that we all know is there. It is so obvious that given time certain things are going to happen and we can accept it now and move on, or waste time, lives, face and finances. We can continue to trash the world with these stupid stances, or get over it earlier to allow mankind to move further up the evolutionary ladder.
Iraq, we all know the US will leave, whether we leave now, or in twenty years, it will make absolutely no difference except in the number of dead and wounded, in the amount of money we spend there or in our own land, in the ways we develop our technology and how we perceive the enemy. Just as Iran will have a nuclear capability one day, and why not? They have signed the non proliferation treaty, our allies have not.
Guns in the street, of course our colonial forefathers allowed us to carry weapons, they also allowed us to have slaves. But one day, and it cannot come soon enough, the number of dead and dying will overcome even the powerful NRA. We all know that our right to bear arms is a stupid throwback to a time when bears, not homies, were the threat. The idea that a common criminal can throw out more lead than was used at Pickets Charge is abhorrent, and even Mr. Heston would understand that stupidity on that level should be curbed.
One day Israel will allow their prisoners to live free, and those prisoners will accept that killing themselves is really a dumb idea. One day, we know this to be true, and one day it will be true. So why are we wasting all this time and effort to make the blind see the obvious. You stole their land, let them live on it!
There are thousands of these inevitable outcomes. We all have our list, may it be abortion in the US, or health care for all, or the return of nuclear power, or biofuels, or vaccinations, support for Africa, the eviction of tyrants by their own people. Just look around you and decide which one’s you would like to see happen; Gay marriage? Elimination of male pattern baldness? No the South shall not rise again, get over it, yes there was a time when a lot of people were slaves, get over it!
Fight for the cure people, stop looking back all the time.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009