Thursday, June 25, 2009

Waiting for the garbage truck.

Every Wednesday night I remember, usually late in the night, that tomorrow is garbage day. That is the day that the two garbage trucks come by my house and pick up my weekly offering of superfluous stuff.
The first truck is actually a team, a bucket loader that removes my ecological pure waste like grass clippings, tree branches, flowers and other vegetable waste products from the garden. We have been told that that waste is turned into compost and recycled; I cannot doubt that because I live in ecologically pure Northern California. The second truck removes straight garbage like coffee grounds, weird biological experiments gone bad in my refrigerator and stuff I should have eaten before it became gross. The second bin is for paper and plastics, the so called clean garbage that can also be recycled into useful things.
It occurred to me that our Government is just like my garbage. We also have three levels of information and support based solely on how palatable they can make it. They too separate out the unmentionables of their deeds and bury it deep in the landfill of history, winnow out the good recyclable stuff and try to ignore the mountains of paper that can only confuse the electorate.
Torturing people is garbage of the highest order, instead of shining a light on it it is being buried in a landfill. We are however recycling a number of things, although very discretely, such as the economic reform, the health care plan, war on various things we don’t like, but need the attention and even the really poor state of our energy policy. All recyclables are a clear indication of not going anywhere, not thinking clearly, not bringing out the best of what we have to offer.
I believe that once a week every level of Government should clear out their garbage, they need to decide consciously what they want to bury, recycle or compost. Recycling is a static operation that brings nothing new to the table, but composting is where new ideas can be generated, new programs developed and new avenues charted. Composting brings forth from the decomposition of organic and live activities a new hope and a new beginning.
We should be composting our health care and pulling it out of the recycle bin, we should compost our war policies and our peace initiatives, we need to compost our judiciary on a regular basis and compost our election policies.
To sum up what can only be a very confused and random editorial, we should compost more and spread less BS.