Sunday, June 26, 2016

The hidden agenda of BREXIT

1932 all over again, different players, same old shit. With Russia starting its gnawing away at its neighbors in order to get more territory, the UK is groping its way towards the US. Military and religious unrest in the middle east taking petro power away from the civilized world, all we need is for one of several small conflicts to give one or more tin pot dictator to become offended and start something.

Do you think that Donald has the brains of a Hitler? Does Hollande look like a Petain? Is there a country on the planet with an incredible arsenal and has it been training their troops with mini-wars for a while?

Are parts of the world loaded with ultra rich, ultra educated young people fanatically following some sort of leader we know little about? Is the Koran the new Mein Kampf? Why is all wealth accumulated in a small enclave of the disgustingly rich and taxes abrogated for them? Those tax dollars, Euros, Riyals and Rubles that should be staving off the forces of evil are, in fact, stoking the wars.

Am I getting nervous? You bet, Brexit is a symptom and it will disenfranchise our allies.