Monday, July 18, 2016

The Rules of War

What we are seeing is not war. What we are seeing are random acts of violence that have no relation to the age old concept of war. There are specific rules to war, rules that stipulate what aggression and organized murder has to take in order to be called a war.

Wars must be fought between armies, not small children watching fireworks. The combat unit is called a soldier. He is a trained operator working for pay and prestige engaged in working against similar units on the other side. The war itself must be declared between nations who sponsor their units. If you are not a recognized unit, you cannot participate. The price for a civilian to jump into a war is very high and can lead to the execution of hostages from the civilian's immediate surroundings.

Realistically what we are seeing are just a series of murders that the public, which should not be involved, has, in its ignorance, called wars. In effect all the "terror attacks" should be treated strictly as random murders and investigates and solved by the police forces of the country where they occurred. By elevating mass murder to a war level serves only to glorify the sociopathic tendencies of the murderers. This is proven by the fact that these sociopaths compares themselves to the highest authorities in the land by claiming that God alone makes their acts justified.

God does not exist anywhere in the panoply of war and has no standing in the laws that govern these contests. The invocation of arcane items in mythical texts is a clear indication that the murders are not acts of war but delusions of sick minds, hence the narcissistic sociopath's position as the central figure in the event comparing himself to a mythological figure of great power.

Maybe, if we lower the rhetoric to the level of simple acts of murder by sick people we would see a diminution of these events based on an increase of education for those afflicted by the delusions.