Sunday, August 14, 2016

Return to Muslandia

It is hard to understand how any sane person can follow an ideology that supports the death of others. If there are deadly penalties in your holy books, you have a moral, ethical and human obligation to not only walk away from it, but to denounce it at the highest mountain tops. I would go even further, if your ideology has EVER condoned the use of deadly force, you need to walk away.

We are none of us saints, probably because the whole idea of saints is a man made myth to an ideal that is unattainable,but we do have aspirations towards basic decency that all religions and the gods that were created around them want to deny us. There is nothing noble in presenting the other cheek, just abasement and humility. There is no virtue in telling half the world that they are second class and beneath interest or contempt, is there any justice in an eye for an eye?

The true study of the holy books written by unholy men should be counting the number of ways we are urged to murder. If genocide is acceptable today it's only because prophet after prophet, holy man afetr holy man and fanatic after fanatic has made it not only acceptable but also compulsory. If beating up the weak and the poor is the norm it's only because there is biblical, koranic and other precenednt. It is clear that the moment mankind introduces a god then it creates murder as an option.

Could this be the necessary and sufficient condition for the proof of the existence of god, the approval and the urge to kill your fellow man? You could even argue that demeaning women is another proof of god since all religions at one time oppressed the weaker sex by divine intervention and permission. But to that consider other ways religion is inhuman. They all denied obvious science and refused to accept the evidence of science, glorying in the beautiful events their books describe. They walk away from medical advances and propagate old medical practices, often as a threat to their own survival.

Muslandia is no better, but it could be when they actually purge the teachings of their mouthpiece with the emetic power of common sense and hope. And yet they resist because to admit a crack in the wall destroyss all they have lived, killed and died for over the centuries.

The day tat Muslandia allows women a say in their teachings and the power to change those teaching, will probably be the day they start joining humanity and become truly mythless.

The Bernie Phenomena

The 2016 election has been highly entertaining so far. Less for the ideas expressed and the advances provided to humanity of how we, as a species, a nation or a group can better ourselves than for just a Kardashian exuberance for the cult of the almighty ME.
A very long time ago when I was in high school, one of my teachers asked us to write down and sign the following: "I, Peter Brown, am the least interesting person in the world." His point was manifold, but in effect he was telling us that in the great unveiling of the Universe our fifteen year old opinions and thoughts mattered little. He was right, of course, and in many ways he still is and most specifically when I overhear discussions punctuated by the immortal I and ME.
This election cycle has brought the ME syndrome to the forefront of the selection dance. The obvious champion of the genre is the immortal Trump. But he is in no way alone at the top. On the Democratic side we have the resurrected Bernie, or more specifically the Bernie followers. Who, because for the first time in their lives, actually got involved in a large political movement, still firmly believe that they are entitled to the nomination. In spite of overwhelming evidence that hey never had the votes or even the support of the country, they still demand justice and the nomination.
It came as no surprise that the two noisiest factions were the losers and the soon to be loser because only in religion does the ego of the one sway nations. To do that all the great messiahs have enlisted hypothetical support from a great unnamed source.
We are not there yet, but the race is in its early days  and who knows what will happen in the days ahead.