Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Limits to Religious Reason
In a world that has over the centuries placed a larger premium on the immaterial than on the real, it is very hard to remain indifferent to the allure and the seduction of the dead. What used to be called religion has now become creed, and the mutterings of old men have become the litany of the young.
As we descend ever deeper into that dark night ruled by two thousand year old cadavers, and more recent prophets of destruction, we can only marvel at the renewed need for the old men to bind us all to their interpretation of words long gone by uttered in languages now dead within forgotten contexts.
It has reached the point that recent history, within memory of mankind, is being supplanted by ancient scrolls and dusty legends to justify the killings of innocents. A tribe learned well the lessons of their recent history and visited upon their own Untermensch what was meted out to them by now repentant Ubermenschen.