Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jesus only had one cross to bear.

Because of my complete lack of belief in a god, any god, many of my friends question my need for spiritual sustenance. They remind me often that they take great comfort in knowing that Jesus, the savior, son of man and god, the pure, the beautiful etc; you get the picture, died for ME on the cross after suffering horrible pain at the hands of the Jews and the Romans.

Those were harsh times, and I will not minimize the pain and suffering of anyone hung on a cross and allowed to die a long painful death, but Jesus was not alone. Thousands of citizens were crucified, there were two others nailed with Jesus that day. And yet the mythology prevails, Jesus died a horrible death so that we could ALL be saved, and to that I say bullshit.

Jesus had it easy, he took the simple way out after an exciting life as the head of a small local cult, adored, not unlike Jim Jones or David Koresh, by his immediate followers and a small coterie of the citizens around him. If recent history is a guide, he enjoyed the best from the table and probably had his pick of the women around him, not a bad life in one the worst hell holes in the world.

The manner of his death, as I remind my friends, was actually a blessing because JESUS HAD ONLY ONE CROSS TO BEAR, he did not, like my friends, bear the burdens of daily life. To us the crippling horrors of sick children and dying parents, the daily heart stopping pain of meeting financial and moral obligations, the sadness of betrayal from friends and family, the physical pain of medical conditions are all the crosses that we shoulder, one by one, and often alone. Those crosses are a symphony to his solo act.

So what does it all mean? The simple fact that we live and die as well as we can is less a reflection on who we are, but a sadder reflection on how we divest ourselves of the heroic dignity our lives truly are. And we suborn our own greatness to the lesser life lived out in the plain knowledge of where Jesus was going and how he would die.

In a cosmic sense, Jesus did not die for our sins; we die to atone for his lack of sin and pain.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Guilt Tripping Over Dead Issues.
Recently the Governor of Virginia discussed Civil War Month and he seems to be re-visioning history once again. My approach to that whole period is that it is history and whether I am an African American, a Georgia cracker or a Boston Banker, it has NO, repeat, NO effect on me. I am neither guilty or even involved in any of what happened so long ago. My genealogy wanders upwards into Belgium and Germany on one side and Ireland on the other. We probably sold and bought slaves through the Roman conquests and went into the Congo for harvesting rubber and people. But in my particular situation, I can only say, not guilty nor even aware of any guilt.

You know, I sold my last slave about a year ago and I am now pretty much clear of all that guilt and pain. But it still rankles that the South has issues admitting that they killed, maimed and enslaved a bunch of foreigners. I mean, the whole illegal immigrant issue was bypassed by simply selling the Africans to the highest bidders. If I had known that then, I would not have an army of Spanish-speakers doing my lawns, cleaning my yard and generally carrying on like real citizens. The one thing I do miss from the good old Southern times is the music, I cannot get my head into mariachi and Chinese chants. After all, Rock and Roll was the only good thing to come out of the whole slavery thing, oh, that and bible thumping! I do miss that good old time religion when the earth was flat and evolution was something your peach preserves did in the pantry.

Sign me Free of Guilt, Great God Almighty I am Free of Guilt !!

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