Tuesday, January 01, 2008

It is a new Year!

It is a new year when we know for a fact that George Bush will be sent away. A new year when we can watch as one of America's greatest group or arch-criminals will be allowed to walk away. A group of serial killers, war profiteering, murdering, lying, influence peddling, money laundering scum will be allowed to smirk into the sunset.

Amazing, because we all know, even their henchmen know, that these may be the most serious traitors our country has ever had to face. These people, our President, our Vice President, the secretary of state, and all he way down to the lonely interrogator in a Cuban jail, they all know that they are part of a sickening, stench-filled conspiracy to destroy all the was once good and noble in my country.

No crime was too base that these filthy defilers did not feel compelled to embrace. Sexual perversions up to the highest levels of our government, outing our own agents, desperately trying to grub the last little penny from a child's health care, creatively stopping any effort to turn back the deterioration of our planet, nothing, absolutely nothing was sacred to these perverted maggots.

And they will get away with it, not because we don't know what they have done, but because our own government still supports their putrid agenda. The least we could have asked for is impeachment, and even that has been taken off the table. In some states the smallest of their crimes would lead to jail time, the aggregate to an execution. Why are we hesitating? Is it that the stench that would emanate from any careful look into their activities would overwhelm this nation?

Have we lost the will to fight? Is there no crying mother asking why her child had to die? Is that mother speaking an incomprehensible language like Iraqi, or Ebonics?

Has the thuggery of our own lawmakers rendered this nation totally terrified of requesting retribution? Is there nothing left to steal, kill or mutilate and so they will now drift off, like buzzards from a carcass into new ventures in safer havens?

Where is the rage?