Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sex and God the two sides of the same coin?

Sex and God.
It occurs to me, a well meaning atheist, that there is little difference between how individuals treat their sex life and their religious affiliations. For the most part they are handled the same way, a sort of benign and almost embarrassed afterthought that is really nobody else’s concern. It is not, in general, discussed unless you are in a sort of frat party situation where great exaggeration are the norm, seriously.

Think about that kegger moment when you and your co-believers got tanked and started making those absurd claims of my dick is bigger than your dick! Or at the local mosque, temple or church when the minister full of himself and the Holy Spirit declares that his god is bigger, nastier or flat out better than all other gods. As the tempo escalates you can bring in “proof” of the most absurd kind and very often those discussions degenerate into physical violence.

We all know, especially the women, that the differences are very small, that they mean nothing in the outcome and that both really do not bring anything new to the table, as it were. But nevertheless there it is, now deal with it!

The best way to deal with it is to treat both in the same way, what you do in your sex life should be very, very private unless you happen to be a member of the GOP, then it appears to be fair game for all and sundry. Religion is the same, really and absolutely the same. If you are gay or straight, transgender or a pedophile, that is on you and you alone and if you need to impose your thoughts on others, others have the right to defend themselves. If you are Christian, Muslim, Mormon or Pastafarian, that is on you and you alone and a handful of like minded believers. Pushing the metaphor a little here, I have never gone to my front door and been asked by a well meaning deviant if I had ever heard the good news about fellatio or gay sex. I have never heard of fisting experts declaiming every Sunday about the uplifting reasons to pursue that peculiar rite.

So be it for religion. I admit that some well intentioned fanatics want to make it their business what you do in the bedroom, but they feel no compunction about proselytizing about their peculiar religious aberrations. On the contrary, we have gotten to the point now where a religion has absolutely no qualms about proclaiming that not only is their long dead head honcho the bomb, but that he wants all of us to either swallow the bomb or make them. Imagine if you will a conspiracy of righteous rightists telling the world that if you ascribe to certain bodily activities, they have a divinely ordained duty to kill you. The closest I would come to that (pun) is strangulation sex, and that may be whole new religion.

My advice is to treat God and sex in the same manner, keep it personal, off the streets and if it works for you fine, just remember that what pulls your chain or saves your soul is your problem, not to be shared. Both will do for you whatever you want it to do, just keep the noise down, close the windows and curtains and be slightly ashamed at your position and the weird noises you have to make getting where you need to be.

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Anonymous Kathy Keenan said...

My parents told me never to discuss sex, religion, politics, or money. I think they were right, though I have violated this rule on all counts. Think how much more pleasant election season would be if everyone was too embarrassed to discuss their political views!

10:56 AM  

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